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Summer Schedule 2024

Posted on by Ryan Hicks
Mayan Dude Ranch Archway at sunset

Summer Schedule 2024

Sunday: Mayan Branded Magnificence Where a Western Welcome Awaits You!
Tonight, we promise that you will feel “at home on the range.” Your vacation starts in the good old western way with the Ryanstone Cowboy’s Horse-sense, a photo op on a longhorn steer, and a wagon ride around the ranch. Beef fajitas, pulled pork, and catfish will be your main entrees. Following supper will be Kowgirl Kel’s legendary Cowboy Bingo.

Monday: Waltz Across Texas with the Mayan in Mind – Part 2
Tonight, we lift the latch to some engaging, inspiring, historical, and significant Mayan stories, and make you part of the Mayan family tradition that join hands with folks from all over the world. We begin the evening by lassoing you in with World-Champion Trick Roper Kevin Fitzpatrick. Texas food stretches the menu this evening with chicken-fried steak and smoked turkey as your main entrées. Following supper, adults and teens will be treated to Waltz Across Texas Part 2 while children 12 under enjoy “It’s Foam Time” (Bubbles Galore). No exceptions for 12 yrs. and under inside the dining room for the after-dinner entertainment.

Tuesday: Western Variety Night!
Tonight, you will feel like you are not “fenced-in.” There is something for everyone tonight with our Western Variety Night. All the festivities and your meal will take place at Hicksville, where you can take in the picturesque mountain setting, tree-covered slopes, the ranch’s wildlife and the horse’s nighttime habitat. Sisters, Shea and Shannon, will make sure that you have a rootin’, tootin’, hootin’ good time by delighting your palates with some ranch food favorites and activities.

Wednesday: The Mayan’s Got Talent!
Besides incredible food and western horsepitality, the Mayan staff and her guests are incredibly talented. Cowboy Olympics for all ages will take place before supper. BBQ chicken and tender pork medallions will be your delicious, western main entrees. The highly requested “Guest Talent Show will close the evening inside our dining room. (Bring your own props) What an exciting night of fun and happiness!

Thursday: The Mayan’s Trademark Night.
An outstanding feature of the Mayan is her trademark food – BBQ. Take the Mayan’s word for it – cooks really put the big pot in the little kettle tonight with BBQ brisket, ribs, and sausage cooked and queued to perfection. Out of the pages of the old west cookbooks come the cowboy beans, potato salad, coleslaw, homemade bread, and all the cowboy trimmings. Enjoy the food, music, and unspoiled hills at Hicksville. Following supper, a hayride to see the wildlife and an hour of Mayan Card Games for adults and teens (No exceptions for 12 yrs. and under at the Mayan Casino).

Friday: Mexican Fiesta!
Ole on down to the pool pavilion for our Magnífica Fiesta Mexicana al Estilo Maya. Zestful festivities, food, and fun come out of our sombreros tonight, as well as a live snake show. We are world-famous for our enchiladas. Throw in some fajitas, sangria, a children’s pinata, and Mariachi music provided by Senor Ricochet the D-Jay, and you will experience a successful blending of Tex-Mex culture and cuisine. Then, in true ranch-style, siblings Kowgirl Kel and Ricochet the D-Jay will cap the evening by teaching you the dance steps of Texas.

Saturday: The Mayan’s Tops of the Pops –
Wonderful days have wonderful endings. To close your stay with us, we celebrate our #1 meal (steaks) poolside with our #1 guests (you), and then close the evening with the Mayan Family’s floorshow. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself part of the fun. Our floorshow not only showcases the Mayan family but also our incredibly talented Mayan guests whom are “Tops” in our hit parade. Eating, laughing, chatting, singing, and dancing with all the Mayan folks will make one realize why we have successfully been in the family business for 73 years.

Sunday’s End of the Trail:
A Texas-sized last Round-Up brunch will be served from 7:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. inside the dining room featuring a variety of breads, fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage, and plenty of Mayan Ranch specialties that only our cooks can prepare. Official check-out is 11:00 a.m. *All Above activities are subject to change*

Special reminders: (1) From May 26th to August 11th , 2024, there are no horse rides, Cowboy Breakfast, or lunch served on Sundays only; it’s literally the horses’ day-off. (2) Tax plus a 10% service charge will be added to your bill. (3) The Mayan is not equipped or staffed to make special dietary meals; please plan accordingly. (4) Regardless of the time of the year, we have a two-night minimum. (5) The Mayan Ranch has a strict “NO PET” policy.

Horse rides: All our rides are strictly single-file with a guide – no exceptions. The Texas Bureau of Veterinary Public Health (Rules 169.81-169.89, 199.83) states that no horse may carry more than 20% of its own weight. Our biggest horses weigh in at about 1220 lbs. meaning they cannot carry over 240-244lbs. Rider age: minimum 6 years.

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